What Are The Differences Between Organic Vs Natural Beauty Products?

You’ve probably heard of the terms organic and natural when it comes to beauty products. In fact, as this industry has been growing steadily, you’ve probably even bought some for yourself. But what it the difference between natural and organic?

The two words are often used interchangeably and you probably think that there isn’t a difference at all. But there is a significant one.

Natural Beauty Products

Natural products refer to anything which is found and sourced in nature. This is opposed to anything which is created synthetically, or in a lab. Although it is possible to recreate natural ingredients in a lab, these ingredients will never have the same chemical makeup as if they were sourced naturally.

Natural ingredients don’t contain parabens, sodium lauryl, synthetic dyes or synthetic colours (amongst others). They should only contain ingredients which are not man-made.

However, it is worth double checking the ingredients list, even if something is considered natural. This is because a beauty product with a low amount of natural ingredients can still be considered natural under some regulations. Even if it’s 10% natural and 90% synthetic or lab-made.

Best Organic Skin Care – should you believe these labels?

Organic skin care brands like Hunter Lab, or the brands you can find on The Lab Organics skin care online australia , on the other hand, have to pass a higher standard of testing in order to be considered organic. For something to be considered organic, it must have reached its final stage of testing without coming into contact with anything that is man-made.

This means that organic ingredients can only be those which haven’t come into contact with any pesticides, fertilisers and must not be genetically modified in any way. Organic beauty products generally come exactly as you would find them in the wild, although they may have been modified in terms of being melted down or shaped differently.

Some products will be labelled with an USDA Organic Seal, meaning that it is over 95% organic. Some are labelled with ‘Made with Organic Ingredients’ mean that the organic components make up over 70% of the product.

It is worth checking the labels on any beauty products you buy, because the different labels can mean different things. In particular when it comes to ‘natural’ products which can end up having a very low percentage of truly natural ingredients. Don’t take advertisements at face value, particularly those which claim to be natural. Ads can sometimes be worded in a way to make you think that you’re buying something that you’re not and you don’t want to up using something which is 90% synthetic, all while you thought it was completely natural.

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